Here is a little bit about each one of our instructors. For more information, give us a call -- (760) 758-8308,  or email us at!  

Click for Class CalendarTo sign up for any of our fabulous classes, and make payment to reserve your spot -- stop by Fat Quarters Quilt Shop!

Julia Fregeau (always has a new project waiting in the wings) teaches our ongoing quilt class on Monday mornings.  This class is currently being 'team teached' by the ever energetic Karen Barlow!

Susan Gylling (the inventor of the Quilter's Eye) has been an instructor at Fat Quarters Quilt Shop since the shop opened in 1999.  Along with teaching the beginning quilt class on Thursday evening, Susan also has two other ongoing classes on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Dana Livingston has been an instructor at Fat Quarters Quilt Shop since the shop opened in 1999.   Way to young to be the grandmother of (how many now?)  Most of her projects are 'smaller the better' and so cute you just have to make more than just one!  Dana teaches two ongoing quilt classes on Wednesday evenings, and Thursday mornings.

Kathy Cooper  may be our busiest instructor!  Kathy is enthusiastic and fun!  She teaches on Tuesday afternoons from 2-5, on Tuesday evenings from 6-9, on Wednesday afternoons from 2-5. You can also take Civil War Quilts with Kathy, and several block of the month classes too!!

Crimson in CloverLinda Pupols & JoAnne Foster teache quilt classes every Friday Afternoon from 2-5 pm.  They welcomes all skill levels of quilters from beginning to advanced.  Linda Linda also teaches Saturday classes :)

Bless This House -- The 5th Friday Quilt for September 30, 2011Julie Isa (the mother of 6 children), has time to teach and still update her  blog almost hourly.  Julie has a full schedule but still teaches an ongoing class on every other Friday evening.   And, if that isn't enough, she teaches our Fifth Friday and Midnight Madness classes too!

Julie is such a good blogger... She made one for Fat Quarters... Check it out!

TEAM RIELLY -- Mother and daughter Diane and Tawny

They Team Teach Monday afternoons and host our monthly Sit-n-Sew class!

Joann Lamb is here every Friday morning for her ongong Quilt Class !

728 Civic Center Drive (formerly Escondido Ave.), Vista, Ca 92084. Phone (760) 758-8308... Open Monday through Saturday from 10:00AM 'til 5:30PM... Closed on Sunday...

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